16. April 2017


I refused to tell you during sex that I belong to you and that you are my owner. But I let you hit me in the face, rip out my hair. Just to please you. The shame hurts so much and I want my soul and my backbone back!

PostSecret auf Deutsch ist ein gemeinschaftliches Kunstprojekt, bei dem jeder sein Geheimnis anonym auf einer selbstgestalteten Postkarte preisgeben kann.

Sometimes when it rains and I'm alone, I imagine how wonderful it would be to have a small family.

I saw "A single man" seven times in the theater. It helped me to deal with my depression.

People my age are complete strangers. I have no access. It's like there's an invisible wall between us.

Ever since I eat goji berries, I'm no longer depressed!

Wenn Dich eines der Geheimnisse anspricht oder bewegt, schreib mir eine E-Mail an sebastian@postsecretdeutsch.de, und ich werde Deine Gedanken unter der Karte veröffentlichen.

This is how my Tinder date went: The guy talked without stopping for three hours and then tipped the blonde waiter 2 Euros and beamed at her, even though I was your date. She smiled at you. Afterwards you said "we'll hear from each other." Well, another disappointment.

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