6. November 2017


I always have blades with me in case I have to go back to the psychiatric ward.

PostSecret auf Deutsch ist ein gemeinschaftliches Kunstprojekt, bei dem jeder sein Geheimnis anonym auf einer selbstgestalteten Postkarte preisgeben kann.

Me <- Autistic

Severely mentally disabled persons have more in common with me than (almost) all "normal people". Learning -- Doing something useful -- Cuddling -- being needed

It's been almost a year, and still the decision to break up was the best one I could have made. I hope he will notice some day what his real problem is, but luckily that's none of my business any more. Love doesn't conquer all.
- chronic feeling of emptiness / self-destructive behavior / hinting at suicide / unstable but intensive interpersonal relationships / inappropriate, severe anger / passing paranoid delusions or dissociative symptoms caused by stress / split personality / strong desire to avoid real or imagined abandonment (absence) / hallucinations / flashbacks

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