25. Februar 2018


I lost my virginity in a stairwell. I was 13 or 14 years old.

PostSecret auf Deutsch ist ein gemeinschaftliches Kunstprojekt, bei dem jeder sein Geheimnis anonym auf einer selbstgestalteten Postkarte preisgeben kann.

It's not my fault! You should have talked to me before secretly reading my messages. Then you wouldn't think that "messing up" means that I had/have something going on with him, when it was actually about painting a billboard. But you wouldn't have believed me anyway and now that the trust is gone I don't know either if I could be together with you again. But you'll never know that anyway.

Why are so many postcard authors here afraid of ending up alone? Not to find someone in the jumble of potential partners? "Afraid, that I'll never be in a relationship ..." "Because I am just not used to it" "So much love to give but no one wants it"
And why am I not afraid even though I am also in my mid-20s and never had a relationship? Am I doing something wrong? Should I stop "to enjoy being alone"?

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