1. April 2018


I'm really afraid to be killed in a terrorist attack.

PostSecret auf Deutsch ist ein gemeinschaftliches Kunstprojekt, bei dem jeder sein Geheimnis anonym auf einer selbstgestalteten Postkarte preisgeben kann.

I dream about being held in your arms.

I'd love to have someone who lathers me with chocolate shower gel and with whom I could have gentle wild sex but I am always alone :(

My best childhood friend (28) has slept with 70 men. I really think that's repulsive and totally disgusting.

Callsometime! After 3 years I am finally sending this card. But you don't have to reach out anymore! You didn't run away from my (secret) feelings but from yours. Couldn't give me the time after you ambushed me like that ... There were never any signs, it came out of nothing. But do you know what? I don't need you any more! I have missed you for years. Gave you a chance time and again. Why so much effort? I have good/very good friends and I've fallen in love more before. It's all true, but I still miss you and will wait forever until you call some time.

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