1. Juni 2008

English Translations

(Für unsere internationalen Besucher übersetze ich die Geheimnisse ins Englische, Fremdsprachige Karten ins Deutsche.)

PostSecret is a community art project where everyone can send in a secret on one side of a home-made postcard. Send your secrets to:

PostSecret auf Deutsch
Postfach 25 53
72015 Tübingen

This is a special post with secrets from students of a German class from Minnesota, USA.

I'm afraid to grow up because I don't know if I'll be successful.

I've got an obsession with doors having to be closed.

I love Micheal but he doesn't love me ...

Music is my first love.

I hope to become a priest.

I wish I could be a rock star.

I wish I had culture.
Egersund, Norway

Half of the people in this class I can't stand.

I wish for an adventure. I want to travel in a space ship.

Secretly I'm checking my brother's facebook.
"Does he have a girlfriend?"

I want to be an architect.

My greatest fear is to drown, but I love swimming.

I'll be a pilot in 10 years
I love Fernando Torres
Obama 08

I wish to travel around the world, but I don't have the money to go.

In the future, I want to be an actress or an athlete.

I wish I could fly.

It's my goal to sail around the world.

I see ghosts in the world around me.

I wish I could keep my plants and fish alive.

When I'm all alone, I call out to check that no one is there.
"Mommy? Are you there?"

I always wanted to be a princess.

I hate my job.
It's bad.
It's boring.
The workers are weird.
I don't make enough money.

I want to quit my job.

I'm afraid to tell. In 2009 my dad will go to Iraq on a military tour. He'll be gone for 12 months.

I am full of fear and worried because my dad is going to Iraq and what will happen ...

Every day I wish I could breathe under water.

I am vegetarian but I LOVE meat.

When I was six years old, I drove my dad's car onto my street.

My life is heaven and hell all at once.