18. Mai 2014

Sonntagsgeheimnisse von Schülern

One day, maybe soon, maybe in 10 years, will be the last time that I see you.

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I kissed two guys and two girls.

The first day of kindergarten, I cried for 2 hours.

I learned absolutely nothing in high school.

fuck life.

I wish I could have a better dream.

I wish my best friend would care as much about me as I care for him.

I pray for you.

I didn't apply to my dream school because I was afraid of rejection.

I didn't eat a pear.

I never thought I'd live until 18.

Ich bin schwarz, aber ich habe mich von der schwarzen Community distanziert, weil ich ihre selbstzerstörerische und ignorante Kultur nicht aushalte.

I write the word "mistake" very nicely.

This is an eye.

My biggest goal is to start a family.

I was with my friends and I sent a fan letter with my hair to Jabs.

Every night I worry about my future. My whole family says it's no problem, but it's killing me.

I want to live at a misty lake, in a small house.

I secretly hate half the people in this class.

I have a fear. It is that I can't find love and will be alone.


Does she love me? I hope.

I don't have feelings and I hate people.

I think France is not so bad.

I left a 5 lb turd in the forest. After this time, I challenged gravity.

I will always wait for her.

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